This stunning mama from San Diego is 43 years-old and is expecting her third baby boy. What does she think about being pregnant after 40 years old? “Society might think I’m too old, but that’s just an opinion. I just didn’t meet the right person until later in life. I traveled and really enjoyed working on my teaching career. My dad was an older dad too at 40. He is 82 and going strong . You just have to live life as it comes and make the best out of your situation.”

Every pregnancy journey is unique. Each filled with it’s own joys and disappointments. What I’ve learned from my own struggles with getting pregnant a second time is to not get too attached to the emotions that come with trying to conceive. I instead have learned to embrace and release. Circumstances and miracles can’t be changed or made. So there’s no reason to fill your life with “what-ifs” and “only-ifs.” For example, had I conceived when we first started trying we’d have at least a one-year-old right now. I can’t think like that.

So, what’s this mama’s journey into motherhood as a 40-something? “I think any pregnancy is risky at 25 or 40. Everyone has an unique birthing experience. Some good and some bad. It’s part of the motherhood journey. Nothing is predictable and things are constantly changing. You experience heartbreak on your journey too. I had a miscarriage before I got pregnant with our baby boy due in December. It was sad because we really wanted another baby. But we also knew the risk of trying to get pregnant at 40.”

How did she get through the hard times and what did she do to try and conceive? “I prayed a lot and had faith in God that if he wanted us to have our third child he would make it happen. I also went to a fertility acupuncturist who guided me through my current pregnancy. I truly believe in this ancient technique. I’ve done this 2 times now and thirds a charm.”

Be Empowered

Like I’ve always said, there’s not a perfect age to have a baby. There’s not even a perfect time in your life to have a baby. But when the time is right, you just know. And there’s nothing that can deter a women from trying to make a miracle happen. Women by nature are creators of life. With such a gift running through our veins is comes as no surprise that women who want a baby after the “cursed” age of 35 years old are doing it. And proudly thank you very much.

“I think it empowers you because it’s rare. Not every women can have children and to have them at 40 is really nothing far from a miracle. A precious gift that only you can bear in your womb. You have beat the odds. So it makes you wanna show the world it’s a great thing. It not only empowers you but gives strength, stamina to keep up with your family. You have no other option but to nurture your family and try to give them the best of you each and everyday!”

We got to talking about some of the benefits of having a baby a little later then the typical 20-somethings. Here’s the advice this mama gave: Be happy you were the chosen one to embark on this journey of motherhood at 40. You are smarter, wiser, and healthy. It’s not always easy getting pregnant. Just remember you’re not alone in this journey. Continue to stay healthy and take care of yourself so you can be there for family.

When you’re conceiving after the age of 40. The understanding of life, love and miracles deepens. You’ve lived long enough to have perspective and appreciation for both the small and big things in life. It’s empowering to feel the world in a way you weren’t capable of in your 20s. And having a deep sense of love and continuation is one that can only be experienced with age.

Genetics Through Generations 

You’d be surprised to hear how many moms are currently having babies after 40 years old. Or even of grandparents who did. My paternal grandmother birthed my father when she was in her mid-30s. Back then that was unheard of! That was considered crazy old. But what society doesn’t always think about are the obstacles that face each generation. For my grandma, it was the war. She didn’t meet my grandpa until the end of World War II. And let’s face it, it was slim pickin’ for women back then during the war. I feel that what we are experiencing in present-day is no different. Only, women are waiting because of career or enrichment or simply finding a partner we love and want to have kids with. I bet if you start asking your parents and grandparents you’ll likely learn about someone in your family having babies later. And guess what? Look how wonderful everything turned out!

“My grandmother Elena had 11 children in Mexico. She had her last one in her 40’s. I guess I always had that in my head, if Abuela did it, then maybe someday it could happen for me… After all, we are family and we carry the genetics of being fertile and that’s something special.”

What do you think about being pregnant after 40 years old? I’d love to hear. And please, feel free to share your own motherhood story. 

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