This gorgeous mama is 40 years-old and is pregnant with her second boy. I asked how she felt about being in her 40s and having a baby during our maternity photo shoot together. She simply said, “Overjoyed!” In fact, she has felt so good during her pregnancy that she’s almost forgotten she’s pregnant… sometimes. I’m sure the midnight bathroom breaks are good reminders though.

So, how does being pregnant after 40 years-old empower her? “I have never cared about my age,” she said. “I feel like pregnancy for me has been so smooth, meaning that it has been really easy for us to conceive. It has empowered me to feel free from the pressures you receive from society that you may not be able to have a baby once you hit 40.”

You want to know what is really beautiful about pregnancy? There’s no stern age as to when it is best to have a baby. In your 20s GREAT, in your 30s AWESOME, in your 40s ROCKSTAR!

“Babies are a blessing and I feel very fortunate that I’m able to experience motherhood so late in age,” she said. “I still feel like I’m in my early 30s. Age to me is all how you feel.” 

Don’t get it twisted, pregnancy is not for wusses. Even on the best days while pregnant – you’re still pregnant (let that sink in). Unlike on other days when you’re not you can do crazy things like eat raw sushi, have a drink or heck, sleep on your stomach. This mama is a testament to how beautiful and easy pregnancy can be – at any age.

This twice-expecting mama is a local gal here in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. Everyone in the Bay Area knows our hood has some of the best vista views of the San Francisco cityscape. So you better believe we captured a moment up here. This is where her family is growing and thriving – and capturing neighborhood details like this are so cherished.

Also, be sure to check out the super cute photos of mama getting hair and make-up done for our maternity photography shoot while her toddler boy mucked around. That’s real motherhood right there.

*Hair and make-up by the ever lovely Vani Leon.

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