3 Reasons Why Women Are Responsible For The Entrepreneurial Movement

November 13, 2018

I believe women inspired the entrepreneurial spirit. Why women and not men? Because I’m celebrating National Entrepreneur Month, I’m sharing my three reasons why I think women started and propelled the entrepreneurial movement:


Because of women’s suffrage and feminism, women made entrepreneurialism inclusive to everyone. Think about it, men historically had one goal: to work to make money to support their family. Men weren’t focused on having a career or seeking fulfilling work. Their goal was singular regardless if was working for themselves or others.


Throughout history men were the innovators and providers. But the pendulum shifted when women found their voices in the 19th century when devoting the good part of the 1800s fighting for their place on the ballot. Finally their efforts paid off with the 1920 win for the right to vote. The feminist movement during the 20th century actually forced women into the workplace because of WWII. This is a pivotal point because this is when women realized they were more than just a mother, cook or housekeeper.


Women desired more. They wanted to both support their family and be fulfilled beyond raising children and meal planning. It was this spirit, this desire that pushed them to become societal-entrepreneurs. What do I mean by societal-entrepreneurs? It means that they rebuffed societal norms and took on greater than normal risks both financially and socially.

There’s even science that can point to women inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit. A Harvard Business School study found sons and daughters of working mothers gleaned more benefits. Daughters of working moms were more 23% more likely to have a job in a supervisory role and earn more money than peers with non-working moms. And sons of working mothers spent seven-and-a-half more hours a week on childcare and 25 more minutes on housework.

So to all the mamas out there, continue to inspire and nurture your children, both boys and girls, because the entrepreneurial spirit starts with you.

Are you a mom who has that entrepreneurial spirit? I’d love to hear who played a role in cultivating that spirit in you when you were a child.

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