Hello! It’s your friendly meteorologist again. Last week I talked about how to prepare for a windy day shoot and why wind makes for beautiful photos. So, I figured I better tackle our friend Karl the Fog. Haven’t met Karl the Fog? Then you likely don’t live in San Francisco, Bay Area. The backstory behind this coined name is it started in 2010 by an anonymous creator on Twitter. The name came from the movie “Big Fish” with Tim Burton, “Karl was the giant in town everyone was afraid of because they thought he would kill/eat them. Turns out he was just hungry and lonely.”

man kissing his pregnant wife standing atop the coastal bluffs of california with the fog

Notoriously, these are the foggiest months – they have even been named:

🌤May Gray

⛅️June Gloom

🌥No-Sky July


🏜Indian summer hits in September, October and part of November (I’ve spent Thanksgivings at the beach in shorts before!)

expecting women wearing a floral dress kissing husband standing on the beach on a foggy day with the san francisco golden gate bridge in the background covered in fog

Now that you’ve met Karl, let’s have some real-talk about hazy or foggy day photos. The fog and haze is such an integral part of the Bay Area culture that I feel it really does bring in a special sentimental element into your photos. Also, foggy and hazy day photos can be extra moody and ethereal which is my jam! Sure, hair may get a little frizzy and it’ll likely be extra cold – but that’s the charm of starting and raising a family here in San Francisco, Bay Area. Otherwise you’d just move to Orange County, amiright?

It’s hard to let go of perfectionism and be vulnerable – even if it’s just because of the weather. Remind yourself it’s an opportunity to really connect with your loved ones. The focus will be more on you and your love than on the location. It’s ok if it’s not sunny skies – because you’re the brightest star of all!

Now, before you go tapping your feet because your shoot is scheduled during a non-fog month let’s keep it real. The coast and San Francisco is foggy pretty much year round. Sure, one day it’ll be 75 degrees and then the next it’ll be foggy and 60 degrees. Or more accurate, it’ll be both plus a little rain all in one day. We have microclimates to thank for that! I’ll never forget one horrid day in SF when it was over 100 degrees (gasp!), so I drove my son to the beach and the fog was so thick we couldn’t see the water even though we were standing on the beach.

This all said, it’s important to prepare for the weather and you should just know if you have a beach or coastal shoot it might be foggy and/or windy. Sometimes during a shoot by the Golden Gate Bridge it’ll get so foggy it’ll completely disappear!

Iranian pregnant women wearing a white long dress walking in the ocean water on a hazy day in san francisco

3 tips to help you prepare for a foggy or hazy day photoshoot:

  1. Dress for the weather, not Pinterest: Please for the love of all things, dress appropriately for the weather. The San Francisco, Bay Area is riddled with weather enigmas so be prepared. The beaches here are not warm people! And the fog rolls-in on a whim. Dress for your location AND weather. For example, if you have a beach shoot and it’s going to be foggy, wear a long dress with a cardigan or duster jacket. Guys can wear jeans with long sleeve cotton shirts. Gals, you can wear ripped jeans and a sweater too! You’re not going to church, you’re outside on a cold day having photos taken, so rock it! Now, many of my mamas will bring a puff coat they put on when transitioning – this is totally good too. You’ll be much colder than if you dressed warm, but just come prepared. That’s all. Quick side note, the photo of the man wearing shorts above, it was really warm even though it was foggy – so yea, that can happen too. ha!
  2. Color or Monochromatic: On foggy days you can really play up the color palette for a pop if you want fun and vibrant photos. Colors can be bright or muted but stay away from spring colors (pastels) since it doesn’t compliment this forecast as well. If subdued if your thing, stick with super neutral clothing such as cream, white, beige.
  3. Frizz: Us ladies know that when there’s extra moisture in the air hair can get frizzy. If this is you plan on having a back-up plan if you want to keep your hair down. Bring a hair-tie to put your locks up if the frizz gets too crazy. You know your hair best so I’ll leave it to you. But just giving a fair warning.

Have questions about how to prepare for a foggy or hazy day shoot? Drop me a note!

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pregnant women wearing a black long dress walking down the beach on a foggy day with the golden gate bridge in the background

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