Wind Blown Hair – Don’t Care | 3 Tips To Prepare For A Windy Day Shoot And Why Windy Days Make Beautiful Photos 

October 9, 2018

Ladies, we need to talk about your wind blown hair. So here’s the deal with wind. Expect it – especially for coastal and beach locations. Let it carry you away and set you free. We spend so much of our lives being buttoned up and perfectly put together that the wind is a the perfect element to unravel and unlock your inner goddess. Yes, it can feel vulnerable. It can even feel scary. You spend a lot of time and money making sure each hair on your head is perfectly placed and your make-up is applied exactly how you feel best. I get it. I really do.

expecting couple sitting beach with the women leaning against the men holding her pregnant belly with the wind blowing her hair across her face

When the wind is blowing it feels exhilarating, carefree and messy. Your hair whipping around your face transforms the moment into something more emotive. And while I love the wind sometimes it can be heady and even uneasy at times. That’s wind for you – a force you can’t see but can feel. This is why I love shooting on windy days – and if there’s no wind I’m working to create it with movement.

So if the wind blows, don’t hide or shy away from it. Embrace it. Feel it. It just might be the universes’ way of nudging you get back to being your carefree self! So for all the mamas out there who need some extra tips about how to prepare for a windy day shoot, this is for you.

How To Prepare For A Windy Day Photoshoot: 

women standing on beach laughing with the wind blowing in her hair while she holds her pregnant belly

  1. Professional In The Front, Party In The Back: Remember the 80s mullet? Well mama, embrace the essence of this style and opt to have your hair styled half-up. A client of mine actually did this (see photo above) because there were high winds in the forecast. And I have to say, it was genius. Her rationing (if you really want to know) was she didn’t want to look “bald” so she kept her hair half-up so you could see the length still (hilarious, I know). And even though it was tornado winds and she only had a few flyaway hairs it looked amazing.
  2. Hats And Scarves: On really windy days bringing an item like a fun hat or scarf is great because it really entices you to play with the wind – similar to how one plays in the ocean water. By interacting with the wind, verses hiding from it, it completely opens you up. Now, we wouldn’t use these items for an entire session, but it sure is fun to bring it out for a few shots. pregnant women standing on beach with the golden gate bridge in the background and the wind blowing through her hair while wearing a white traditional mexican embroidered dress
  3. Change Your Mindset And Drift Away: Think of a scene from a movie that felt carefree. That felt like bliss. I bet one of the first images that popped into your head was of a person standing up through a car’s sunroof with their arms spread out, head back letting the wind blow around them. Or maybe it was that scene from the Titanic at the stern when Leonardo and Kate are “flying” through the wind. Or maybe it was just a thought of kids running and moving. Do you notice a similar theme here? All these scenes amplify the feeling of bliss by involving movement and wind. Simply by acknowledging that you may have a photo session on windy day and leaning into the joy that comes with it will completely transform your mindset and will set you free. This my friend will make for breathtaking photos.

If you look through my maternity portfolio you probably didn’t realize this, but half of the photos were taken on insanely windy days. That’s why you’re here. That’s what you want. You want to get closer to that feeling – but it’s so darn hard to let go! And because I shoot so often on windy days I got you girl. I know how to get you to interact with the wind to give you a variety of choices in your gallery.

From your friendly meteorologist! ☺️

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pregnant women walking down the beach with the wind blowing her hair while she holds her belly at sunset

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