This newborn boy in Bernal Heights is all boy. He’s chunky, husky, and a total bruiser. Sometimes people have a hard time identifying the gender of a new baby when out and about. That won’t happen this little dude. He was born with all the masculine traits you can think of. I don’t remember how much the parents said he weighed but it was somewhere in the 8lb range. But he looks so much bigger! Like a little man.

This family was so fun to work with. They had told me ahead of time they were renting in Bernal Heights in San Francisco and weren’t happy with how their place looked. I let them know I’d find the area in their condo with the best light and we’ll shoot there. Shooting in smaller places is sometimes nice in suitutation such as this because it eliminates any eye sores or areas of the house that the parents aren’t fond of. But at the same time, it’s still sentimal because it’s the home where they brought their firstborn home and are raising him. That counts for something. And over the years it will continue to grow in value.

Like many of my families, a grandma was there to help with baby and was so delighted by everything he did. I love taking photos of the grandmas holding their newborn grandchildren because you can see all the years of experience come through. They’re so confident and sure about what to do. But that doesn’t compare to the love and excitement in the eyes about their greatest love – the new baby.


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newborn boy looking at camera laying on beddad looking down at newborn boy newborn boy laying on blanket dad looking at newborn boy close-up of newborn boy holding dad's finger in his hand newborn boy laying on bed with dad looking at himparents holding newborn boy who is yawning close-up of newborn boy's face mom holding newborn boy and looking at him newborn boy being held in dad's hands looking up at him detail shot of newborn boy's head being held in dad's hand dad burping newborn boy dad holding newborn boy near chest mom looking at newborn boy and laughing mom kissing newborn boy's cheek mom kissing newborn boy's cheek mom holding newborn boy in lap mom holding newborn boy in lap newborn boy yawning while parents hold him in their lap parents holding newborn boy in arms looking down at him mom holding newborn boy in arms with dad looking at them while he yawns parents putting their hands on newborn boy's belly detail of newborn boy's hands holding dad's finger close-up of newborn boy's feed being held by mom and dad's hands

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