Do you want to be happier, healthier and an overall better human being? It could be as simple as adopting a dog. That’s a pretty easy way to gain a lot of benefits in exchange for some food, belly scratches and the occasional chewed up shoe.

new parents sitting on hardwood floor holding newborn girl in arms with a black and white Labrador dogs

Life Is Happier With A Dog

In fact, according to a study by BarkBox Dog Parent, ‘71% of dog parents say their pup has made them happier people.’ I say my dog has made me 90% happier – and my son has made me 100% happier. I have no idea how the math works but it does, mmky. How can I not smile when I look at my puggle’s smug little face and piglet body? I also think having a dog has made my son happier too. Our Puggle was his first playmate and best friend. And our pup also tolerates his ear pulling and playtime shenanigans. The joy I see in his face when he plays with our dog is nothing short of blissful happiness.

A whooping 93% of dog parents say their dog has made them a better person in some way. And 83% of people say their dog has made them more active. There are so many reasons a dog makes humans happier, healthier and an overall human being. I remember during the first year after my son was born it was a very challenging and stressful time for me adjusting to motherhood. I distinctly remember one evening standing in our small kitchen nearly in tears and feeling so overwhelmed by parenthood. Then around the corner came our puggle marching around the house with my husband’s boxer briefs around her neck, she has a fetish for human undies. I immediately doubled over with laughter because my goodness – she’s wearing underwear! There are countless memories I have of our dog bringing comedic relief to our lives daily. Which can only mean one thing: we’re happier because of her.

new parents sitting on bed holding newborn girl swaddle pink with golden retriever dog laying on the bed

Dog Shenanigan’s At A Newborn Photoshoot

A maternity and newborn family of mine had just adopted a Great Mastiff puppy. This puppy was huge! At eight months old he was the size of a mini pony. Despite his imposing size he was the biggest goof ball. During the newborn shoot the dad shoo’ed him outside because, well, he was huge and needy and we wanted to get some shots with just the parents (see their newborn and puppy photos). I’m snapping away taking photos of the mom, dad and baby sitting on the bed when we notice the puppy is in the backyard chewing and thrashing what looks like a cloth. The dad goes out and grabs it from the puppy’s mouth and it’s not a cloth at all, but a newborn onesie with the inscription: Don’t look at me. The dog did it. We immediately all started to laugh.

new parents holding newborn girl in arms with great mastiff puppy sniffing her head

Oh, and there’s the story of a friend who also adopted a puppy right before their first child was born. They had the nursery and playroom decked out ready for baby. They even put down those multicolored foam floor mats for their baby. Welp, their puppy ate the mats and pooped rainbows for a week. But there’s other stories that are really heartwarming, like the newborn family I photographed who trains seeing eye dogs. So if your dog is a weirdo or is out saving lives, they’ll make you happier for it.

To all the fellow dog lovers out there, congrats, you’re living a happier and healthier life because of your furry friend. And for those of you who are seeking more joy, head to your nearest shelter and adopt a pet today.

I’d love to hear a funny story about how your dog made you laugh during parenthood. Leave a comment or shoot me an email. 

white greyhound dog laying next to swaddled newborn girl sniffing her head

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