dad playing airplane with 5 year old son at lover's lane in san franciscoDid you know that dads influence the success of their children, and dads can determine a child’s social life, grades at school and future achievements? Sounds like dads really do matter after all. Everyone knows that moms have a tremendous impact on children but today we’re shining the light on dads in the spirit of Father’s Day.

Don’t have a biological dad? Not to worry! A biological live-in father isn’t a requirement to pass down these benefits of fathering. Experts agree kids can get the same benefits by having a dedicated stepdad (like I did), father figure or two moms.

Indian dad holding newborn girl, caucasian dad bottle feeding newborn boy

Involved Dads Make Smart-Ass Children

Dads’ impact on children starts as early as birth. Babies are more likely to be emotionally secure, eager to explore their surroundings, and confident in new situations when raised by dads who are more involved according to a review of studies by the Father Involvement Research Alliance. As early as age 3, toddlers with involved dads are better problem-solvers and have higher IQs.

If you want your kids to get straight A’s, instead of bribing them with toys or a special experience, get the dad more involved! A study by the US Department of Education found that children were 43% more likely than other children to earn mostly A’s if they had a highly involved father.

And it doesn’t stop in elementary school. Children with highly involved dads were more likely to achieve higher levels of education, find success in their careers, have higher levels of self-acceptance and experience psychological well-being.

To All The Baby Daddy’s Out There

To all the highly involved dads out there, pat yourself on the back and remind yourself the next time you’d rather tune your child out by watching a sports game on TV – that if you invest more time in your children they’ll be smarter. And if your child is smarter than they’ll probably take better care of you in your golden years.

And mamas: if all these stats are blowing your mind, text your baby daddy and have them come home to spend solo time with the children – all in the vein of making them smarter (and you could probably use a little time to yourself amiright?).

Happy Father’s Day!

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