I always love hanging with this family. They have that spunk and sass and always make me laugh. For their family photos this time, the mama had requested the Golden Gate Bridge for the backdrop. When I arrived to the location the morning of their shoot it was a complete whiteout – fog. I couldn’t even see a shadow of the bridge, in fact if I was tourist I’d think someone had moved it or I was in the wrong place. In true San Francisco’s microclimates, the rest of the city was sunny and bright. I called the mom to let her know the news. They were en route to the location. She asked what I suggested? I looked up from where I was standing and all I could see was the crown of the Palace of Fine Arts looming out from the cluster of buildings. I made the suggestion and we met there instead. And I have to say, I love these photos from the Palace of Fine Arts and we had so much fun there. Switching the location last minute paid off. But I’m sure this just means next time I photograph this beautiful family we’ll be praying to the weather gods for no fog at the Golden Gate Bridge. haha

I still can’t believe how big this sweet little darling is. I met her at her home in the Marina District and even photographed her while she was in her mama’s belly for her mom and dad’s 2016 holiday photos on the beach in San Francisco before anyone could even tell. PLUS, I photographed mama’s official maternity photos taken on the beach (that was a mouthful!). <– Click these links to see their past photos shoots.

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aisan mom looking at her 1 year old daughter who is sitting in caucasian dad's lap with white dog at the palace of fine arts in san francisco asian mom looking at 1 year old daughter at the palace of fine arts in san francisco asian mom holding 1 year old daughter in lap with caucasian dad looking on with white fluffy dog at the palace of fine arts in san francisco