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June 5, 2018

mom holding newborn boy close in black and white san francisco photographer

There are so many benefits to holding your newborn baby. From de-stressing to bonding those little beings have a magical affect on parents. The first few months of a newborn’s life are dreamlike (albeit exhausting too). Everything is a blur while you adjust to parenthood and to get your footing. But newborns don’t wait around for you to get comfortable; they grow and change more in the first year of life than during any other period. This is why I’m passionate about capturing these special newborn moments for families.

Here are three benefits of holding your newborn baby – which are also the shots I always aim to capture during a newborn session (I have my mama intuition to thank for that!):

mother bonding with newborn boy benefits san francisco photographer

Cuddling Calms Mama Too

Most people at this point have heard the praises of skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. Why? Because cuddling with baby reduces maternal stress. This is such a big deal because a stressed out mama, especially during the first few months of a newborn’s life, can interfere with baby-parent bonding, hamper breastfeeding rates and it takes an overall toll on the wellbeing of a mom. So that urge you have to pick up your newborn baby and give him/her a snuggle is for a good reason.


dad bonding and holding newborn boy in arms san francisco photographer

Early Bonding With Dad

Moms aren’t the only ones that benefit from skin-to-skin bonding. Dads do too! In a small 2007 study it found dads who hold new children close to their chests have an immediate effect on newborns. Instead of putting baby next to dad in cot, pick-up that cutie because snuggling with dad keeps babies calmer, they cry less, and they also get in a drowsy state quicker. Snuggling with dad also promotes bonding which is good for both baby and dad.


indian mother bonding with newborn girl holding her in her arms san francisco photographer

Promotes Breastfeeding

As a mama myself who struggled with breastfeeding, I cannot emphasis how important the link between skin-to-skin contact and how it helps resolve latch problems even in women who are months postpartum. There’s other benefits too such as promoting higher rates of breastfeeding initiation and it positively affects how long women breastfeed.


The next time your arms ache to hold your little baby don’t be shy about picking him/her up, even if they’re sleeping, because it probably means you or the baby needs a boost.

What moments are/were you excited about having captured at your newborn photoshoot? Let me know in the comments!

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