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May 29, 2018

The hard part is growing and birthing your baby. But now you’re wondering what the heck to wear to your newborn photoshoot. Since most of my families are recovering perfectionists I’ve put together some tips and inspiration for your upcoming newborn shoot.

GENERAL TIPS: Dress in neutral, cool and comfortable clothing. Dads wear light cotton shirts or simple button down shirts (linen is a great option) paired with casual pants or shorts (no polos please). Moms wear comfortable flowing skirts, dresses, kimonos or tunics. Keep in mind moms will have a six month postpartum looking belly. For color palette, light neutrals, grays, browns, blues, creams, greens and whites look best (again, neutrals and soft colors) – no patterns, media or logos please. Keep in mind the style of baby’s swaddle to coordinate with everyone’s outfits as well. And lastly, if you pick a color theme be sure it coordinates well with everyones’ outfits. Since we’re shooting in your home, wear socks or go bare foot.



what to wear newborn style guide with wardrobe tips for parents

If laidback and casual is your vibe stick to simple clothing – such as clothing pieces you’d wear on Sunday afternoon at home. Cotton long or short sleeve t-shirts and ripped maternity jeans for mom look flattering (remember you’ll be wearing your maternity jeans still!). Dads look great in jeans or casual shorts (no cargo shorts with lots of pockets though) paired with long or short sleeve cotton tops. A mens undershirt is likely too thin (no man-nipples please lol) so make sure you have one that is thicker or in a neutral color like grey.



what to wear newborn style guide wardrobe tips

If you prefer a classic, modern and preppy look then moms should stick to flowing blouses in neutral colors paired with white or blue jeans (ripped jeans look good in this style too). A go-to favorite style of blouse I see many of my modern looking moms wear is a blouse tunic. The best part is you likely already own one of these if this is your style (I own an ivory one and grey one from different brands haha). For dads, a simple cotton long or short sleeve shirt paired with linen pants looks great with moms look. Dads can also wear a button down linen or casual shirt or a light sweater paired with jeans.



what to wear newborn style guide wardrobe tips

Some prefer to lounge in style. If this is you than simple kimonos or silk robes layered over satin camisole tops look stunning. For a casual elegant look, a duster jacket looks fab layered over a dress. Again, dads can wear anything from a long sleeve shirt to a linen button down. Just keep the colors neutral and coordinated.



To get your newborn prepared, put him/her in a diaper and swaddle. Yup, that’s it. As you can see, it’s really simple. That said, make time to plan and purchase a swaddle style you love since it’ll be in most of the photos. The swaddle will basically be your newborn’s outfit so the parents’ outfits should look harmonious with it as well. There’s lots of designs to choose from: solid colors, patterns and illustrations. Plus, there are many types of fabrics to choose from: muslin, cotton, viscose and more. For photos, I prefer designs that are simple and larger; geometric designs, a solid color, floral or ombre. Get creative, there’s lots of swaddle selections to choose from. Here’s some shopping recommendations for unique swaddles: Etsy, Caden Lane, and Clementine Kids. Click a button below to read more about newborn shoots.

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If styling isn’t your thing, keep it simple. Like really simple. Don’t over think it. Dress everyone in simple cream, white and neutral tones and your family will sparkle! Let me know if you have any styling questions in the comments!

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