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Impact of mothers on children

Did you know a mother’s love physically affects the development of a child’s learning, memory and stress responses? Pretty amazing considering how easy it is to love your child. Loving your child and raising them in a nurturing environment sets them up for greater success in school and makes them more emotionally developed than their non-nurtured peers.

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How exactly does this happen? Well, turns out that a mama’s love is more potent than any substance, medicine or black magic. Ok, ok I’m kidding…kind of. While I do honestly believe this, there’s a scientific explanation. A study has now revealed that a mother’s love physically affects the volume of her child’s hippocampus making it larger. The hippocampus is the brain region that’s responsible for learning, memory and stress responses. Children of nurturing mothers had 10% larger hippocampus than children whose mothers were not as nurturing. Also, research has suggested a link between a larger hippocampus and better memory.

Any excuse is a good one to love on your child, and now mama’s everywhere can do so knowing their love is literally expanding their children’s minds.  

“It puts a very strong wind behind the sail of the idea that early nurturing of children positively affects their development,” said Dr. Joan Luby, the study’s lead researcher and a psychiatrist at the Washington University School of Medicine in St., Louis, Mo.

The impact of mothers on children is so important. Not just for increasing their child’s hippocampus, but because they are one of their child’s first role models and greatest supporter. No other person will take as much joy and interest in another human being like a mother does.

 When you’re ready to see, through photographs, the love you feel when you’re connecting with your children– drop me a note! I’m all about growing our children’s brains.

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