Clickin Moms Features Tarah Photography’s Top Podcast Picks To Keep Photographers and Creatives Inspired

May 1, 2018

Need to get inspired, motivated and uplifted?

Look no further than the tips of your fingers to hear the stories from some of the world’s most prominent and inspiring people.

Welcome to the world of podcasts conveniently accessible on your cell phone or computer.

Years ago I stopped listening to the radio. I was over it. The stations played the same songs over and over and over again. And the commercials were insufferable.

After finding myself thoroughly annoyed by the lack of radio entertainment I simply switched it off and sat in silence. That was until I discovered the vast world of podcasts.

And now I’m addicted. Being able to listen to the stories of some of the worlds most inspiring and profound thinkers, doers and creatives was like sitting on the couch having coffee with some of the most accomplished people in the world.

But only I’m not on their couch, I’m driving to a photo shoot, going for a run or doing chores. And the best part is I get to decide what I need most in the moment to fill my soul.

Specifically, I listen to podcasts for photographers or that relate to my creativity or business acumen. I love having access to some of the greatest, most gifted and successful people in the world who are selflessly sharing their tips, journeys and insights.

These are five podcasts for photographers and creatives that will keep you inspired, motivated and uplifted:

What’s your favorite podcasts for photographers and creatives that you’re listening too? I want to know (I really do). I’m always on the lookout for new listening material – leave a comment below.

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