What newborn nursery trends in the San Francisco Bay Area am I seeing and photographing? If you are an expecting mom or dad daydreaming about what your baby’s nursery theme and decor will be and need some inspiration read on. I’ve compiled the top trends I’m seeing and photographing in newborn rooms from all over the Bay Area.

I always snap details of a baby’s bedroom or nook during a newborn photo shoot. Photographing a newborn’s room is very special. These detail photos add to the newborn’s story. Their nursery was created just for them and is a symbol of their presence in a family’s home. Nursery’s really do bring the baby growing in mom’s belly to life. And because I get to photograph so many newborns and families from all over the Bay Area, I’m sharing what some of the trends are I see. I have to admit, I really love what I’m seeing.

Top newborn nursery trends in the San Francisco Bay Area: 

Bohemian Scandinavian Newborn Nursery Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

1. Bohemian Scandinavian. Boho is still going strong right now and I don’t think Scandinavian design will ever go out of style as long as IKEA keeps cranking out eye catching furniture. When the clean lines and natural wood of Scandinavian style converges with boho’s tassels, pompoms and dream catchers it gives the overall feel of a simple, magical and laidback look. An easy way to recreate this look is to hang a dream catcher from a window or you can even make or purchase a dream catcher mobile. Mix in some faux fur blankets and throws with a crib that has clean and simple lines and you’ll be well on your way to a boho-Scandinavian wonderland.



2. Modern Nostalgic. San Franciscans are really into modern decor. But while modern decor can feel impersonal with it’s sterile aesthetic and unadorned interiors, parents are adding nostalgic touches. This is usually done in the details by including a special toy they had or identified with when they were young. Or by displaying books from their childhood. The furniture ranges from mid-century modern to minimalist with it’s clean lines, neutral color palette and natural textiles.


vintage Newborn Nursery Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

3. Vintage Throwback. This generation of baby-makers are a sentimental group. Nursery rooms are bursting with vintage flair from old illustration designs to vintage toys from the parents’ childhood. That’s right, anything over 20 years old is considered vintage (shock-horror!). This generation of Bay Area parents are giving a nod to their analog upbringing but are indeed very tech savvy with their digital monitors and gadgets.


glamorous sparkle gold and pink Newborn Nursery Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

4. Glamorous. Mamas, the glitz and the glam is still going strong. Don’t be shy about accenting your newborn’s nursery with sparkle pillows and gold decals. Parenthood is a magical time and sprinkling a little fairy dust around your baby’s room is a great way to let them know they can shine, shine, shine.


oversized wall decals Newborn Nursery Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

5. Oversized Decals. Wall murals are having a moment and I’m loving it. The bigger the better. From entire walls being covered in removable wall paper to decorating whimsical scenes on the nursery walls with oversized decals the options are limitless. There’s so many unique options and ideas out there for decals. Say goodbye to the cartoon decals of yesteryear.


statement rugs Newborn Nursery Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

6. Statement Rugs. Parents are really getting into speciality rugs that add a special touch to the theme of the room. Bold and fun or subdued and sophisticated, rugs are having a moment. Gone are the rugs that blend with the carpet or hardwood. Now, rugs are front and center in nurseries.


master bedroom nooks Newborn Nursery Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

7. Master Bedroom Nooks. With most of my families starting and raising their families in San Francisco, it presents a unique issue: real estate. Because urban living requires San Franciscans to live in smaller quarters, parents are resistant to give up their spare bedroom or office – at least for the first few years. Instead, parents are creating corners in their master bedroom that is just for baby. With the emergence of small style cribs and mattresses, urban families can deck out their baby’s corner of the room in style.


nursery room trends in san francisco bay area letter boards

8. Letter Boards. Let me spell it out: letter boards are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. So it should come as no surprise that parents are decking out their nursery with personalized letter boards. Soon enough those letter boards will be making appearances on their IG feeds for their customary milestone photos with baby.


Are you designing your nursery and have an amazing idea or theme? Drop me a comment or tag me on Instagram (@tarahphotography) so I can see what it looks like! I hope you enjoyed these newborn nursery trends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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