Newborn Boy and 18 Month Old Big Sister in Burlingame | Family Photographer SF

April 12, 2018

This newborn boy and 18 month old big sister in Burlingame could not be more excited about their little family. You may remember this adorable family from their maternity photos I shared a few weeks back. If not, check those out here: Maternity-Family Photos at Golden Gate Bridge | SF Photographer.

I’m telling you, their 18 month old daughter is such a ham and it pure joy to photograph. She was so excited to hang with her baby brother too. Sometimes working with families who have a close gap between kids present unique challenges. Mostly in that both of their children are still very much babies – just in different stages. So, when it was time to take a couple of photos with the grandparents, big sister wasn’t interested. At all. She was very happy doing her own thing in her crib while we all gawked and smiled at her. And then I had an idea! I asked the grandpa to help me take off her dress and then I instructed him to hold her upside down by the ankles (because her dress would’ve flopped over her face). The result was pure bliss. She thought it was the most fun thing even in the world and we were able to snap a few photos of her with her newborn brother depicting their ages very accurately.

I really love newborn-family photo sessions. It’s so much fun to see the older siblings interact with their newborn siblings. An amazing memory to have.

Now go and check out these gorgeous photos of this newborn boy and 18 month old big sister in Burlingame!

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Newborn Boy and 18 month old Big Sister in Burlingame with sister kissing newborn's head while parents look onfamily sitting playing together 18 month old girl looking at camera with mom in the background holding newborn boy smiling in burlingame parents looking at their newborn boyNewborn Boy and 18 Month Old Big Sister in Burlingame kissing little brother head while dad holds babynew mom snuggling with newborn boy in burlingame mom kissing newborn boy who is swaddled in blue blanket in burlingame Newborn Boy and 18 Month Old Big Sister in Burlingamenewborn boy with arms up in burlingame dad holding newborn boy in arms in burlingame 18 month old girl standing in crib smiling at camera with the family in the background laughing grandpa holding 18 month old girl upside down playing while grandma holds newborn boy

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