Wondering what to have at a newborn shoot? This is one of the most asked questions from my new moms and dads. Well, this may come as a surprise, but after all that hard work of creating and delivering your perfect newborn – you won’t need much for your newborn shoot with me. Since I’m a lifestyle photographer I focus on the connection between parents and baby so you can see the love you feel through imagery. My photos are simple, natural and artistic and your newborn shoot is organized to capture these type of photos. Newborn shoots happen in your home using your blankets, swaddles and decor. What better way to celebrate and remember this milestone with the people and belongings that mark this time in your history. No unnatural posing or silly props.

And because I know many of my mama’s are recovering perfectionists and like to be well informed, here’s a couple of things to have at your newborn shoot:

1. Swaddles: To get your newborn prepared, put him/her in a diaper and swaddle. Yup, that’s it. As you can see, it’s really simple. That said, make time to plan and purchase a swaddle style you love since it’ll be in most of the photos. The swaddle will basically be your newborn’s outfit so the parents’ outfits should look harmonious it as well. There’s lots of designs to choose from: solid colors, patterns and illustrations. Plus, there are many types of fabrics to choose from: muslin, cotton, viscose and more. For photos, I prefer designs that are simple and larger; geometric designs or a solid color or ombre. Get creative, there’s lots of swaddle selections to choose from. Here’s some shopping recommendations for unique swaddles: Etsy, Caden Lane, and Clementine Kids.


2. Baby Blanket: If you have a family heirloom baby blanket or a special blanket a family member made, have it out for us to use. If the blanket is sentimental but not practical or photogenic, I’ll use a regular blanket, duvet or sheet that you already own.


what to have at a newborn shoot heritage indian baby dressed in traditional clothing3. Heritage: Many of my new parents want to celebrate their heritage by incorporating elements of it into the session. This is most commonly done by wearing traditional clothing or jewelry. While these type of shots are valued, I typically will do this at the very end of a the shoot and will take just a few shots to commemorate the families’ heritage.


4. The Room: Because I really am a minimalist and that’s part of my style, I’ll cut out as many of the distractions as possible in the room we’re shooting in. Typically this means I’ll declutter an area. Sometimes I’ll even remove wall decor and I pretty much always clear off bedside tables. I do all this after I arrive on the day of your newborn shoot once I’ve chosen the room we’ll be shooting in. So please, do NOT clean your house or a specific room for me. Use that time to heal and rest instead.


what to have a newborn shoot the parents and siblings
5. You: Yes, you parents are the best props to have in the photos. I know you feel tired and puffy. I know you just had a baby that you birthed from your body. But trust me, these photos of you and your newborn will be cherished and shared for generations.


Do you have everything you want and need? If you still have questions about what to have at a newborn shoot, I always send a detailed newborn guide to all my clients. Feel free to drop me a comment or email with additional questions!

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