I’m passionate about photographing a newborn’s simplicity but not unnatural posing or props.

I like to think that newborn babies are the closest we adults can experience heaven.

They arrive to earth through a mother’s womb as perfect humans. From the way they smell to the softness of their skin. And what I love most about newborns is they’re all born with their own unique personalities. Some are laidback, others are inquisitive and then many, like how my own son was, are opinionated. No two newborn babies are alike.

A newborn may be small, but they have a powerful presence

As a photographer, my passion is to photograph the essence of who a person is. From a newborn who always likes to curl in his/her legs, to an adult who’s grin lights their face up. Each baby and person has their own preferences from the day they’re born. I want to capture a piece of your history so that 20 years from now you can look back at a portrait and say, “Look at you as a newborn – you still make that same expression!”

So I don’t pose newborns

I allow for plenty of time for soothing by mom and dad with feedings and snuggles. I’ll also help by swaddling baby tight. But then sometimes baby may actually want their arm out to be happy. I let the newborn lead the shoot.

I want to see who they are.

No props or unnatural posing

No props or unnatural posing; just simplicity and the connection between family members. I may simplify a setting in your home to cut out the clutter so you can better see the beauty you feel through imagery. The details that are included during a photo shoot may be a blanket, duvet, swaddle or the surrounding décor in the room. It’s these subtle details that fill your life and act as a marker in history at that place and time.


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