I kinda feel bad for my husband because every year when Mother’s Day gets close he starts fidgeting wondering what the heck to do for me. This year, I said I wanted him to take some photos of me and our son. Since I’m the photographer in the family I’m rarely if ever in front of the camera. But I knew my son and I were due to have some photos together. With every passing year, the photos I do have with him become more and precious to me.

I put on a dress with a sweater and asked my son to put some clothes on as well. He said no because he’s three years old and apparently wearing your undies is completely acceptable photo attire. I secretly didn’t mind at all because I love seeing his little feet, arms, legs and hands. Clothes just cover that all up. And plus, when he’s a teenager I really doubt he’ll want to snuggle with me in his undies so I’ll take it without complaint.

Anyways, I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to myself. I’ve been rockin this mom thing for three years and it’s a grind. Not to sound too cliche but giving birth to my son and becoming a mom has truly given my life a greater purpose. I’m no longer just living and doing for me, I’m also living and doing for my little human who needs me.

The bond I share with my son is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. His cute voice, cheeky humor and every thing in between melts my heart daily. All I want him to know is how much he is loved. When the time comes for him to enter the world as a young adult I want him to feel like he’s supported and ready to tackle anything with me by his side or not. My little guy is my heart and my soul mate. I feel so blessed to be his mama. <3

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mom’s out there. I hope you feel loved and appreciated just not today but every day.

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