My baby boy turned 3 years old today. We were both pretty excited about it. He made me retell the story of his birth like five times this morning. “And then, you were kicking in mommy’s belly – which was HUGE – and trying to get out. The doctor told me to push, PUSH and then out you came.” Gesturing at my crouch. His face looked like whhhaaatttt?! And then he’d ask me to retell it again. Because real life is so much more scifi than fiction.

We had a small birthday party last weekend. Just cousins and his best toddler pals to celebrate. Because, as you might notice in one of the photos below, we still have no furniture since our move. And, if I’m super honest – I’m just tired so I wanted something a little low-key but special for his day.

For months he’s been asking for a guitar. So, we decided to get him one for his 3rd birthday. I researched on Amazon and found one that was perfect for him. It came in about 20 different colors. We let him pick which color he wanted. We went through all the colors online: blue, navy blue, yellow, orange, black, bright pink… “Bright pink mama. I want BRIGHT PINK!” So that’s what he got. And he’s rockin’ it!

Love my little musician.

Oh, I threw in a photo I snapped of my husband because he looks hot. Enjoy yourself! 😉

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