Happy holidays from my family to yours!

2016 was filled with so many great memories. From meeting and photographing beautiful bellies, mamas and newborns around the Bay Area to connecting with my own family in front-of and behind the camera. We have so much to be thankful for. My gratitude list is long which makes me feel even more grateful for all of our blessings. I want to say a deep thanks to all of my beautiful clients for giving me a glimpse into their lives and capturing their milestone moments. I am truly so grateful for you all!

2016 was a great, truly great year. I know 2017 will be even better.

As I write this post, I’m sitting at my makeshift desk looking out our window that has a view of the Bay from Potrero Hill. My puggle dog is snoring away on a fancy chair I purchased when I was nesting while pregnant with my son. She’s ruined it. But she looks so cute when she’s laying on it and fits perfectly.

My son is 2 1/2 and is entering into the “what’s that. what’s that. what’s that. what’s that.” stage. Cute. But boy, it’s a lot of questions to ask in a short period of time. He’s also in that stage where he begs you to play with him, like with his building blocks. But then gets super upset because you’re not building the way he wants. Even though I keep asking him to show me how he wants me to do it. All he can say is, “no mama, a different tower!” I know these hilarious toddler moments will pass by in a wink. And each phase is filled with wonder, joy and let’s call the spade out – sometimes frustration. But that’s what I love about being a mama. For example, right now he’s obsessed with his boogers. He isn’t picking his nose with his finger as much as he’s demanding a q-tip to dig around up there (not to worry, we use the baby q-tips so it doesn’t go up to far). We’ve gone through half a box in a week. This is the same box we opened 6 months ago. Again, so much joy and so many blessings.

I’m looking forward to another year of growth and laughter with my little man and amazing husband. And working with all my wonderful clients, both new and old.

Happy holidays to your household from mine. <3 ~Tarah

*special thanks to my husband and sister-in-law who tagged-team and took the photos that I’m in. 🙂 I never have photos of myself since I’m always so busy photographing other people so I did a major happy dance when we took these.

family standing in fall forest family sitting in fall forestdad holding toddler boy in arms standing in meadowmom hugging toddler boy standing in fall forest toddler boy standing in yellow fall forestdad tossing toddler boy in air in fall forestdad swinging toddler boy playing in meadowmom holding toddler boydad holding toddler in arms standing in fall forest


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