The newborn twin sisters arrived! I was so excited to hear from this mama that the baby girls made their entrance into the world happy and healthy. She wasn’t sure if they’d make it to their due date since twins typically don’t. We even moved up her sunset family-maternity session just in case. There’s no maternity portraits if babies come early after all. ūüôā

It was rainy and dreary on their session day at their home in Hercules. That’s some of my favorite weather to photograph newborns in since we shoot indoors anyways. Plus, unless a house is extremely dark, I like the soft filtered window light from overcast skies. Like in the first picture below which is my favorite from the entire session! I loooove that light.

Ok, enough about the light. Let’s talk about these adorable¬†twin sisters! They were cute as a button and my goodness, did their two older brothers just love them to pieces. The older boys were so good them. Holding and watching them when mom asked. They were so gentle with the newborns and just loved watching and being with them.

I always wonder if parents at some point mix-up which twin is which because they’re identical. But¬†the parents assured me that the babies have slightly different everything so they’re able to tell them a part. I on other hand only knew who was who if they were dressed or swaddled.

It was so funny because all the stereotypes about baby twins are true. Guess stereotypes exist for a reason. When one baby was sleeping the other was fussing and vice versa. Or right when one finished eating the other would be ready to eat. I have no idea how mamas survive with twins! But this mom and family were so attuned and on it that nothing seemed to faze them. Another reason why these newborn girls are so lucky!

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mom holding new born twin girls in arms sitting in chair in nursery twin newborn girls sleeping in mom's armsmom and dad holding and looking at newborn twin girls sleepingdad holding twin newborn girls smiling newborn twin girls' heads with black hair twin new born girls laying on bed showing just feet newborn twin girl in crib looking at camera waving arm older brothers holding newborn twin sistersbig bother holding newborn twin sister big brother holding newborn twin sister and kissing her hand family sitting on bed with newborn twin girlsmom holding newborn twin girl to cheek newborn twin girl laying on white couch swaddled with arms out close-up of newborn twin girl's face newborn twin sister laying on white couch looking at cameradad holding newborn twin sister in arms family sitting on couch with dog holding newborn twin sistersmom kissing newborn twin girl laying on beddad holding newborn twin girls with mom sitting over the shoulder

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