What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures {San Francisco Photographer}

September 1, 2016

It’s fall family photo time! Yup, it’s that time of year already – and right when you thought you were done with back-to-school shopping. Need ideas and inspiration for wardrobe? I decided to put together some looks with styling tips to help inspire you as you shop and prep wardrobe. Here’s the mantra for fall family photos: keep it simple.

General tips are to think about coordinating your looks to give variety, interest and personality to each person. If you decide to go matchy-matchy, usually the kids look cute matching and the parents coordinating with them. Lastly, bold and busy patterns aren’t recommended. You don’t want your outfit competing with the environment and bold / busy patterns don’t typically look great for family photos. Repeat the mantra: keep it simple, simple.

See an outfit below that you like? Click the photo and it’ll take you to a retail site where you can purchase the item or see items similar to it. Mantra: simple, simple, simple.

1. Creamy Neutrals with a Pop of Color

family wardrobe tips creamy neutrals

Keep it simple with neutral cream tones for the parents and let the kids shine in colorful outfits in muted hues. This look is soft, romantic and effortless. Dressing only the kids in color makes them look vibrant fun and young – just the way they really are.

 2. Black with Bold Colors

family wardrobe tips black with bold colors modern chic urban

Black attire for parents is classic and modern. Pair it with bold colors for the kids to lighten the mood and to keep your look youthful.

Find ways to add flair to the parents look in the details like earrings for mom or color in the collar/cuffs for dad. But be mindful of coordinating with the colors in the kids’ outfits.

3. Complementary Colors

family wardrobe tips complementary colors for a colorful look

To wear a trio of colorful outfits that harmonize successfully, the colors should be carefully balanced – let one color dominate and use the two others for accent.

This look is fun, vibrant and exciting. It’s a great way for the entire family to let their personalities shine.

::A trio of colors is also called a triadic color scheme. It uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. For example: red, yellow and blue. Or green, purple and orange.

4. Pick a Color Theme

family wardrobe tips pick a color for a theme

Pick a color and weave it through all of the outfits for an appealing look. In this example I chose forest green – a great fall color. Use a small pop of color to bring the look to life. Other great staple colors for fall are grey, blue or magentas.

 5. Simple. Simple. Simple.

family wardrobe ideas and tips keep it simple and pick neutral colors only

If styling isn’t your thing, keep it simple. Like really simple. Don’t over think it. Dress everyone in simple cream, white and neutral tones and your family will sparkle!

If you go simple, simple, simple – keep your jewelry to a minimum. Just wear wedding bands and simple studs. Focus instead on your emotional connection with each other.

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