Family Photographer San Francisco | 4th of July Getaway at Vintage Inn, Yountville 

July 7, 2016

We loaded up the family, including our puggle dog, in the car and drove up to our favorite spot in Napa Valley, Vintage Inn in Yountville, CA for the 4th of July weekend. Traveling with a toddler is endless fun because it’s never the same. The last time we were at Vintage Inn he was a baby and slept by the pool and swam a little while we held him. This year? Total game changer. We pushed his puddle jumper on and he took off swimming like a fry.

We love Yountville because there are endless food options all within a short walk from Vintage Inn. But we had so much fun at the pool with our water-loving boy we ended up canceling dinner reservations on the second night and swam our hearts out. He also had a special infinity for playing in the hotel room. Like locking us out of the bathroom and laughing. I was worried the first time he did it thinking we’d have to karate the door down. But nope, we just knocked on the door and told him we had his toy truck. He’d promptly unlock the door and let us in. 

Otherwise, while we were in the room he’d usually be playing with his toys while we sat on the bed “relaxing.” Our boy also loved playing with the pak n’ play the hotel provided. He’d jump in and say, ‘sleepy time!’ but rest assured, there was no sleep happening.

You might be wondering where the cool firework photos are. Well, our little angel can’t keep his eyes open past 8pm, so they’ll be a fun event for next year. 

A few things about Vintage Inn I love:

  • Everything is done to perfection – simple but quality.
  • They make the BEST chocolate chip cookies. During our last visit they had a complimentary tray of these cookies for us in our room when we arrived. I thought the cookies were from Bouchon Bakery which is across the street but when I inquired I learned they baked them in-house (mind blown).
  • Best brunch buffet in the area. Bottomless mimosas, an omelet and waffle station plus they serve these special english muffins from Model Bakery in St. Helena (the english muffins are pictured on the cover of their cookbook). To die for.
  • Their spa rocks! Amazing facilities.
  • Located within proximity too all the flagship top-rated resaturates. We typically always make a stop at Bottega because I love their vegetarian zucchini lasagne there. Redd Wood makes a mean pizza which is great for a low-key night.

All I can say is, I never want to leave when I’m at Vintage Inn. They take such good care of us!

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family dad throwing 2 year old toddler boy into the air wearing a puddle jumper at the pool at the Vintage Inn in Yountville family 2 year old toddler boy swimming while wearing a puddle jumper in the Vintage Inn pool in Yountville2 year old boy sitting on dads lap eating food poolside at the Vintage Inn in Yountville2 year old toddler boy playing with cups at the pool while wearing a puddle jumper at the Vintage Inn in Yountvillefamily 2 year old toddler boy playing with toys on bed with dad and Puggle dog at the Vintage Inn in Yountville2 year old toddler boy leaning against pak n' play in hotel room at the Vintage Inn in Yountville2 year old toddler boy playing with toy in pak n play in hotel room at the Vintage Inn in Yountville

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