He’s two years old today. My baby boy is really two years old! He even told me he’s two – how did that happen? Just a year ago he didn’t know how old he was, or if he did, he couldn’t articulate it. And now I have a walking, talking little boy. Where did my baby go? He’s still there – I see my baby boy every time I look in his eyes. He’s dimply little face squishes back with laughter when I look really close. His chubby little hands and feet are perfectly sweet. Everything about him makes my heart swell and soften. I never thought I was capable of perfection until he was born.

Even this blog post is timed for the exact time he was born two years ago right here in San Francisco. The day my angel lit up my soul.

This last year was one filled with rainbows and happiness for us. It’s been a honeymoon this past year. Perfect and radiating with love. I don’t know what is in store for this next year, but whatever is, I know it’ll be amazing with my little boy. Bring on the terrific-twos!

I inadvertently started an annual tradition of taking my son’s photo on an accent chair right before his birthdate. I have his newborn, 1st year and now 2nd year photos. It’s amazing to see the growth in him, but he still has that baby face.

“There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.”     — Washington Irving

Happy Birthday my darling, sweet, tender boy. Mama loves you more than life. xo

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2 year old baby boy sitting on floral chair looking at camera with legs crossed taken by family photographer1 year old baby boy laying on floral chair with his chubby legs crossed taken by family photographernewborn baby boy slumped over in floral chair sleeping taken by family photographer

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