Baby Girl 4 Weeks~Newborn Photographer SF

January 7, 2016

Cutie pie alert! I posted the family newborn portraits of Giana previously and wanted to share a few of just her. As mentioned, I also took maternity portraits of the parents which always makes for a meaningful newborn session.

This little angel face slept the entire time I was there. I think she opened her eyes once  – and that was to look at her best friend Petunia the French Bulldog.

She’s perfect – tiny and sweet. She completely has her parents wrapped around her finger (doesn’t take long!). One of my favorite poses for newborns is with their arms over their head. It’s so cute and almost all babies sleep like this at one point or another so I was excited to capture Giana doing this pose. I loved her little back fat rolls and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to capture that too – so cute!

The parents had a shag white rug in her room that we laid her on and she looked so cuddly and happy. There was great window light streaming through and I snapped detail shots of her feet, hands, face, legs… you name it, I took it. And she was totally content the entire time! Grandma was over my shoulder snapping away on her camera too (she has a DSLR) – it was so much fun.

I usually recommend putting newborns in plain white diapers for sessions. But Giana had on a pair of zigzag colored diapers that looked fun peeking out from under her dress. Gives the detail photo of her feet a little pizzazz. Plus, when she’s grown she’ll have a little reminder of the speciality pattern trend of diapers when she was born.

Yes, just like in the family portraits, Petunia totally tried stealing the limelight. But Giana held her own. No fury dog, no matter how cute, was going to take this moment from her.

Below are a few of my favorites of just Giana. Enjoy!

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newborn baby girl laying in dads lap with french bulldog in backgroundnewborn baby girl laying on white fury blanket with arms over headnewborn baby girl laying on knitted white blanket with her feet and toes showing

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