Baby Boy 8 Months~San Francisco Photographer~Mom’s Little Helper

January 9, 2015

Mom’s little helper | 8 month old boy {San Francisco baby photographer}

He might be more baby than helper but I love seeing my baby boy playing in the kitchen while I’m cooking. This is one reason why I love lifestyle photography so much and taking baby portraits at our home in San Francisco. I get to capture memories of my family to pass down to my son when he’s older. My mom also took pictures of me playing in the kitchen and used tell me stories of all the shanagins my brother and I would get into. Like putting pots on our heads, straining colanders on our heads – pretty much anything we could put on our heads we’d try.

It’s an inspiring feeling to be watching similar memories of my childhood play out in my baby’s childhood. In a way, I feel like it’s an opportunity for me to share in that same feeling my mom had when we were playing in her kitchen. And to get really deep, sharing that same feeling that moms from generations and generations ago felt.

Now while I let that thought sink in, here’s a funny story from my childhood to lighten the mood: I remember when I was a little older (probably under the age of six), my mom told me not to put my finger in light sockets because we would get shocked (clearly child proofing was a verbal warning back in the day). In my kid-head I imagined that there was an old man living in the socket tunnel who would pinch you if you stuck your finger in it. I knew I wasn’t supposed to – it was risky and my mom had already advised against it. But I was SO curious. Plus, I thought I might be able to fish out the old man from the socket so I could see him. So, stuck my tiny finger in and sure enough I shocked myself! Or rather the old man who lived in there did. I still remember the look on my mom’s face – one of disbelief that I would do such a stupid thing. It was a look that I saw many more times in my life and a look I’ll probably give my baby boy during his.

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8 month old baby playing in kitchen {san francisco baby photographer}


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