Pregnancy After 40 Project

african-american pregnant women age 49 and older silhouette

Pregnancy After 40 Project is a photography project dedicated to empowering and inspiring women through photographs and storytelling.

Women (and in-turn men) are waiting longer to start families. It’s a fact. Our society is changing. The faces of expecting moms are changing from 20-somethings to 30-somethings and beyond. I’m here to empower all expecting moms who are “beyond” excited.

The Nitty-Gritty 

This project was started because women are judged to harshly on their age. Including when the best time is for them to have a baby. Creating a life is sacred. It only happens, once, twice, three times or maybe more (if you’re lucky) in a women’s life. Motherhood is empowering and should be celebrated no matter what age it happens.

This project was started because pregnancy happens during a wide range of ages. Because sometimes life makes you wait until you get to the good stuff. Because you can’t control everything in your life. Because the most important decision a women can make is bringing a child into this world.

Women should be empowered regardless of how a baby was conceived and when.

My Story 

I had my first baby at 34 years old, an adorable little boy. My husband and I would like have another baby, however, we haven’t been able to conceive naturally. As you know, it takes almost a year to bake a baby. So now I look to other women who have pioneered motherhood in their late 30s and early 40s. This is why this project is personal to me.

Hear Their Stories

Want to hear the stories of these beautiful expecting women? Click the links below to read their insights, struggles and triumphs plus see their beautiful maternity portraits.

Want to share your ‘Pregnancy after 40’ story? Contact me or share your story in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.